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If you’re among the 14% of American adults who regret getting a tattoo, you’re in luck. Thanks to new technology, it can be treated safely and completely at Cataract & Vision Center of Hawaii, located in Honolulu, Hawaii. Our providers use the PicoSure laser which is the quickest and most effective tattoo removal available.

Tattoo Removal Q & A

How does Cataract & Vision Center of Hawaii treat tattoos?

Cataract & Vision Center of Hawaii uses the PicoSure laser to treat tattoos. The PicoSure laser is the first picosecond laser in the world. It’s also the only advanced tattoo removal laser that utilizes PressureWave™ technology.

How does the PicoSure laser work?

The PicoSure laser doesn’t erase tattoos on its own. Instead, it works with your body to eliminate the unwanted ink naturally with PressureWave technology.

During treatments, the PicoSure laser uses PressureWave technology to send short pulses of laser energy into the tattoo ink particles. This energy causes a change in the pressure within these particles, forcing them to break apart into tiny pieces. Your body’s lymphatic system then absorbs these particles and flushes them from your body entirely.

What are the benefits?

The PicoSure laser has been shown to treat tattoos in fewer treatments than most other tattoo removal treatments. This laser poses a very low risk of side effects, and it’s effective on most types of tattoos. In addition, the procedure isn’t very painful. Most patients describe the sensation during the procedure as similar to the snapping of a rubber band against their skin.

What are the risks?

Tissue damage is always possible with laser treatment. However, treating tattoos with the PicoSure laser is considered generally safe. The laser energy from this system targets ink particles specifically, while leaving the surrounding tissue healthy and intact. Thus, the risk of tissue damage is very low.

When is PicoSure tattoo removal appropriate?

Most patients with tattoos can benefit from PicoSure tattoo removal. This treatment option is effective on even the most stubborn tattoos, including those with blue, green, and black ink. It also works on tattoos that have been treated previously but couldn’t be erased.

How many treatments are necessary?

The number of treatments you’ll need to fade a tattoo depend on the size, density of the ink, and the location of the tattoo. For most modern tattoos, clearance can be achieved in approximately four to 10 treatments. Your doctor will be able to tell you how many treatments you’ll need to treat your tattoo.

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