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Dry eye is a common problem impacting people living in Honolulu and the surrounding area. Dry eye doesn't have to keep people from seeing clearly and enjoying their lives as long as they ask for help. The condition is treatable with the help of the doctors at Cataract & Vision Center of Hawaii.

Dry Eye Treatment Q & A

What is Dry Eye?

Dry eye is a condition that keeps the eyes from making enough natural tears. That means the patient can’t create a healthy tear film.

There are several other symptoms that accompany dry eye, too:

  • Eye redness and inflammation
  • Light sensitivity
  • Feeling like a foreign body is stuck in the eye

Dry eye doesn't tend to go away unless it's treated, so if patients have dry eye symptoms, it's important for them to arrange an appointment at Cataract & Vision Center of Hawaii as soon as possible.

Who is Susceptible to Dry Eye?

People who exclusively wear contact lenses are more susceptible to dry eye. Older adults tend to be more likely to develop this condition, as well, along with patients who have pre-existing eye diseases. Some medications may cause or contribute to dry eye. Also, environmental factors, like a high pollen count, may contribute to dry eye.

How is a Dry Eye Diagnosis Made?

The doctors at Cataract & Vision Center of Hawaii can perform tests to gauge the amount of tear film that the patient is making. These tests also determine whether the components of the tear film are in proper balance.

The tear film is made of three things: a water layer, a mucus layer, and an oil layer. An imbalance among any of those layers can cause serious problems. When the doctor combines the information from the exam with the patient’s medical history, they’ll be able to make an accurate diagnosis.

Is There a Treatment for Dry Eye?

Yes, there are plenty of treatments available for dry eye today:

  • Prescription eye drops that prompt tear production
  • Topical treatments, including ointments
  • Warm compresses and eyelid massages help alleviate dry eye

The doctors at Cataract & Vision Center of Hawaii may also recommend taking an omega-3 fatty acid nutritional supplement. Although it's not common, there are some cases of dry eye where the best solution is a surgical procedure to close or block the tear ducts, which prevents tears from draining away too quickly.

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