If you are farsighted, meaning you see well at a distance, but have trouble focusing on objects up close, you have a condition called hyperopia.  With hyperopia, you may have trouble reading and using the computer, having to hold items further away in other to see them clearly. The condition is common in children, whose vision can improve as they age, and the eyeball lengthens. An eye exam at our Indianapolis practice can determine whether you are farsighted. Farsightedness is one reason many patients wear corrective lenses or undergo refractive procedures such as LASIK.

If you have hyperopia, we offer an array of designer frames and lenses to fit all your vision correction your needs. Come check out our available brands at the Optical Boutique. If you would like to explore your options for laser vision correction, our very own Dr. Daniel Choi specializes in LASIK vision correction. Call our office today at 808-524-1010 to schedule your free consultation 

What Causes Hyperopia?

Hyperopia is the result of an eyeball that is too short, causing light to project past the retina, making near vision blurry.

What is Hyperopia?

To see clearly, light entering the front of the eye, through the cornea, must be focused on a single point on the retina at the back of the eyeball. These light rays are bent (refracted) by the cornea, and further bent and focused by the lens of the eye, ideally reaching the retina. Hyperopia is a refractive error which causes the light to focus at a point beyond the retina, rather than on it. Reading and computer distances will seem blurry, while far away objects such as road signs will be clear.

How Can Farsightedness Be Treated?

 A prescription for glasses or contact lenses can help correct Hyperopia. Our optometrists can provide you with the right prescription for your vision correction needs. An alternative to glasses and contact lenses is refractive surgery such as LASIK. Dr. Daniel Choi at the Cataract and Vision Center of Hawaii offers refractive surgery for permanently treating Hyperopia.

Refractive Surgery for Farsightedness Correction

LASIK, PRK, and other refractive surgeries often produce results better than 20/20. Best of all, no longer having to deal with the expenses and hassle of contact lenses and glasses. Call our office at 808-524-1010 today to schedule your free LASIK consultation with Dr. Daniel Choi.

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